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Getting Started (Read this First!)
Hi Forum Members!

Welcome to the Travel Light Photography Forum! Here we talk about all the great cameras we take when traveling and adventuring! I was inspired to start this Forum because of a Flickr group I joined years ago. Unfortunately, Flickr appears to be dying and I miss the camaraderie and wonderful photography banter.  I also wanted to start this group as a way to share travel locations, tips, and how tos. So pull up a chair, introduce yourself, and share a photo or two.  Heart

Sharing Photos

Uploading hi-res photos to the forum is disabled and limited, I can only pay for so much bandwidth. I encourage you to share your photos by linking or using various embedding techniques from other image hosting sites (i.e. Flickr or Instagram). They usually make it easy, just look for a sharing option and find the embed.

Be Excellent to Each Other
Don't be an ass to each other or you'll get banned. 

Thomas Ott

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