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Backon !! I m going to share some images of these places those places that i have shared in my top's post.
[Image: bryggen_wharf_in_bergen_norway_1b81e0a6-...178ce6.jpg]
Frogner Park.
[Image: th?id=OIP.z3QdQmP-1WwAb44aFmGD5gHaE8&pid...=260&h=174]
Norsk Folkemuseum.
[Image: 032waVM7wCHu?dimension=800x800]
Kon-Tiki Museum.
[Image: Kon_Tiki_museum_(2).JPG]
janiy, I must say that you have dropped here amazing shots of places. I am impressed because these seem really attractive. There is no doubt that all of them are seems attractive but I am impressed by the above image place which name you tell me Bryggen. Well, hopefully, this will be next travel to me after mine ny to niagara falls.
jainy these are seriously nice images which you have shared here. All views are quite thrilling and especially love to talk about here Bryggen. This is a famous historical place which attracts all travelers and offers them a chance to enjoy something new. So backon while your visit tries to know about its history dude. I will also be there after trips to the west coast of america.
Yeah, definitely you are right about Bryggen. Bryggen is a historical place in Norway from where historical lover can get general information. I must say that Bryggen is a learning place from where no one can come back without learning anything. So, must try to visit Bryggen as this will be possible.

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