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Some Shots
Here I am going to share some shots with my camera. I hope you all guys will like them. So here we go
[Image: Hamilton-740x488.jpg]
[Image: most-natural-beautiful-places-in-the-wor...1464167323]
[Image: rama-lake-1024x550.jpg]
[Image: e14cf4f73d22505b5be2aba98869efd4.jpg]
What you all will like to say about them will like to see after mine dc cherry blossom.
Didem, I must say that you have really a good art of photography as you have shared really great images of different places with all of us. I liked the pictures so much as they are looking really impressive. I would love to know about the first image from you. I mean the place from where you have captured this image. Will you share with us? as I wanna visit this place after my bus tours to washington dc
[Image: 880e178d79fbbae3aebbf65839ea923f.jpg]
Didem, I would like to say that you have shared here so much impressive shots which seems so much attractive. Being a traveling lover i also try to save some amazing and stunning shots in the eye of my camera while exploring anyone place. Here i like to know those places names because i have never visited them personally. I really want to be there for enjoying photography with myself.

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