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Hi! New Member here!
I'm Tom and my favorite travel cameras are either my iPhone6 or a Ricoh GRD. I did travel with a Canon G11 years ago, which had decent IQ for it's size/form. I shoot mostly street scenes and family snaps.
Tom, This is really good to see that you are a new member of the community. I am Arden and I would love to say you welcome here. It is nice to see that you have enough interest in Photography and love to capture the stunning views. Will you share some street shots from your collection with all of us?
[Image: 880e178d79fbbae3aebbf65839ea923f.jpg]
desert root, being a new member of this board would like to say that I am also a newbie of this board. I am so sure all will get useful stuff through discussion here and will have an interesting time period. So let me know which topic like to select from all?
desert root, will be so much stunning time for sure there as it. I will like to say welcome to you here and this will be so much stunning time for us for sure. i can have such appealing time there ahead for sure.
Hi Tom,
Its just really great to have you here. I will love to say you warmly welcome to this great forum. so sure that its being really great to you all to be the part of that.

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