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All sweet members of the board. My name is Arden and I am a newbie here. I am from the  Houston and going to introduce myself with all of you. I am a young graduated girl and love to enjoy things of my choice in my free time to have lots of fun and entertainment. Do anyone like to say me welcome here?
[Image: source.gif]
in this board. I am so sure you will have a nice time period here as you have thought about this board. However, do let share with us what you like to do in your free time?
Hello, Didem, It is nice to see your quick response here. Hope so, will have a good time here. Well, I like to do many amazing things in my free time to have fun like,
Playing Guitar
Baking & Cooking
Fashion Designing
[Image: 880e178d79fbbae3aebbf65839ea923f.jpg]
I am just so much appealing to this. It can make me feel so good and surely this will be so much appealing time for sure. I can have sine fun there for sure. Traveling is the best way to have some fun there ahead for sure as it. I will love to be there ahead.
Arden, I am very happy after knowing about those things which you like to enjoy in your free time. Its a really great thing for me and wanna see some collections from your painting through your post. So share with me if you like to share with us. I will wait for your reply.

Any suggestion for bus trips to niagara falls?
Didem, Here I am going to share some images of my favorite paintings with you as you are interested to see.
[Image: Emily_Carr_%281939%29_Odds_and_Ends.jpg]
[Image: Bandra-Worli-Sea-Link-painting-ananta-mandal_0.jpg]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
[Image: Tenacity_12_inch_image_s.jpg]
[Image: 880e178d79fbbae3aebbf65839ea923f.jpg]
These pieces of art are so much attractive and seem that you have a great interest in painting. I am keen to know from you have ever sent your painting to exhibitions in your life? If yes then share with all of us which one was last? I hope you will share with us in a quick way.
Arden, Its just really nice to have you here. I would really liek to say you warmly welcome to this great forum. Have seen your paintings and really these all so much beautiful and nice. I like your choice. well, what do you say something about traveling?
Hello, Arden, I have read up your welcome post and interests, hobbies which you mentioned in your post. I must say that I am happy after watching your painting images Becuase this is my hobby but traveling is my most important hobby and i like it so much. being a traveling member of this community I will like to say you welcome here and want to know have you enjoyed national park tours from los angeles ever?

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