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What's say
[Image: kashmir-sonmarg-625x470.jpg]
[Image: azad-kashmir-660x400.jpg]
[Image: Kashmir-gallery-2.jpg]
[Image: GettyImages-529791018-592432d83df78cf5fa68565a.jpg]

What's say about them? I would like to tell you these grabbing attention views taken from Jammu and Kashmir which is an attractive place between India and Pakistan. I have got them from my friend's side who recently came back from to see its captivating attraction. After to see them i am impressed but here would like to know what do you think about them?

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backon, would say that these shots are seriously quite amazing and so much attractive. I like them all a lot and wanna be there if I would ever get a chance to go there. I would advise you if you have a chance to g there so just avail and explore the natural beauty. Let me know when you wanna go there and with whom?
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Didem, It is my best if you're impressed a lot by my sharing shots of Jammu and Kashmir. I am also impressed a lot from such as gorgeous attraction. I think not anyone can remain to save from such as attraction. I mean everyone will grab their attention on this one but feeling sad to tell you that still not got chance of going there. There are have some tasks which I will complete in coming up days. So, can't go Jammu and Kashmir.
Backon! I would like to say that which images you have shared here of Jammu and Kashmir, these are attractive and impressive images. I really like to enjoy nature beauty like this which is attention-grabbing. By the way, after seeing these images, everyone want to explore this destination. What you say about this? You want to explore this destination or not?

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